Custom Built Docks Huron

Custom Built Docks Huron, Ohio



For more than three decades, CFAN Enterprises has covered Lake Erie’s waterfront with world-class docks. CFAN Enterprises docks designs are available in both residential and commercial applications. CFAN Enterprises is the leading dock company in Huron, Ohio. CFAN Enterprises docks last a long time and rarely have to be removed from the rigid water.


We have many options available for your Huron dock. We can build the largest docks in the industry, and have built many of your neighbors docks. Our docks are very modern and built with to best materials in the industry. We can customize your Huron dock to any size and use the best dock materials in the industry.


Give us a call today to receive a free quote for your dock in Huron, Ohio at: 419.732.3305